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Crunchy with a softer centre, these cookies have it all. And because they're gluten-free and vegan, this treat is perfect for sharing.
Enjoy this high-fibre baked banana oatmeal for a delicious breakfast that helps to lower cholesterol, stabilize blood sugar, and balance hunger.
Sail through the afternoon slump with this fresh Banana Berry Smoothie. Even better, you'll get benefits of balancing your mood and supporting your brain.
Say hello to the perfect post-workout meal! Naturally packed with antioxidants and vitamins, as well as additional support for muscle recovery.
Kickback, relax and sip on this delicious blueberry lime mojito mocktail! Your new favourite sunny afternoon drink to share with the whole family.
Whether it’s breakfast, brunch, or snack time, this blueberry muffin smoothie bowl will be sure to get your skin glowing. Enjoy it all sunny summer long!
A sweet treat, without the sugar rush. These Blueberry Cheesecake Tarts help you unwind with the relaxing benefits of our Magnesium Bis-Glycinate Drink Mix.
Drizzle maple butter loaded with Collagen Beauty on this incredibly moist and soft zucchini bread which is full of flavour and chocolate chips.
Sneak in a scoop of CanPrev’s Collagen Beauty to smooth skin and reduce wrinkles in this yummy Chocolate Collagen Macaccino.
These no-bake chocolate espresso truffles are easy to whip up and store in the fridge for days when you need a quick snack!
Try this superfood smoothie with an L-Glutamine booster to help your muscles recover and regenerate. Breakfast or post-workout, you decide!
Packed with immune-supporting mushrooms and whole food antioxidants, this will be your new go-to afternoon pick-me-up. Try this Chocolate Schroom-mus Dip!
Sweet, light and deliciously coconutty, these nutritionally balanced Collagen Beauty Bars will transport your tastebuds to a tropical paradise!
Here's a deliciously zingy powerhouse snack you can enjoy on-the-go! These little no-bake energy balls support your immune system
With warm aromas of cardamom, ginger, cinnamon and clove this creamy Myco-Pumpkin Chai tea is the perfect caffeine-free pick-me-up!
We know that chocolate is life. Take this literally and treat yourself to this deliciously easy dark chocolate bark filled with healthy fats & antioxidants.
This simple and delicious golden chia pudding is fortified with omega 3's and vegan L-Tyrosine to feed your brain the nutrients it craves.
This Green Goddess Smoothie is packed with skin-loving nutrients, along with CanPrev's Collagen Beauty to reduce wrinkles.
These Hazelnut Brownies are exactly what you need. Not only are they chocolatey and decadent, but they also offer hormone and mood support with every bite.
Who doesn't love chewy gummies? These fruity-floral Hibiscus Strawberry Mag Gummies are better than candy, with natural anti-aging benefits.
Ready to start your day off on the right foot? Balance blood sugar and keep hormones in check with this Hormone Happy Chia Pudding.

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