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Common causes of Adrenal fatigue



When we’re under stress, the adrenals produce surge of cortisol and other hormones to calm the body. Levels generally return to normal once the stress threat has passed.

But prolonged stress and elevated cortisol levels can interfere with blood sugar levels, cause weight gain or loss, increase risk of infection or cause bone density loss, muscle wasting, thinning skin and kidney problems.

This increased demand puts a stress on the endocrine system, which may eventually effect the levels of the sex hormones like estrogen, testosterone and DHEA.


Poor diet

Elevated cortisol thwarts the effects of insulin (which is secreted by the pancreas) and blood levels remain high. This can cause the body to send hunger signals to the brain, resulting in overeating.

Stress increases appetite, along with the desire to consume foods – often high in fat, sugar or both – and elevated cortisol and high insulin levels seem to be at fault. These foods seem to have a quieting effect on the parts of the brain that sense and senses stress signals.

Once a stressful episode is over, cortisol levels should fall, but if the stress doesn’t go away — or if a person’s stress response gets stuck in the “on” position — cortisol may stay elevated.