This year, forget the resolutions – it’s all about evolution

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What is it about a new year that stirs us to take stock of our lives and start the cleansing of body and soul?

Quit smoking, cut back on junk food, spend less, save more are all very positive and beneficial entreaties – if, in fact, that’s what you’re ready for. Change never happens a moment before its time, so this year instead of cutting back or doing more or less of the things you think you should be doing, make a list of all the things you want to do. Then find a way to make them happen…

The big picture

Is it really the extra ten pounds, or an inactive lifestyle that’s got you feeling sluggish and depressed? Is it you, your partner, or your relationship that needs an overhaul? Is it that all the people you’re meeting are unsuitable, or are you subconsciously picking them because you don’t feel you deserve any better?

Evolution, not resolution

Ok, so maybe it is the ten pounds. What now? Suddenly eliminating all of the food and signing up for the grueling 4-days-a-week Death By Burpees class is a sure-fire recipe for failure. Take it slow! You have the whole year to achieve your goal. Remember: slow and steady wins the race.

Ignore the peanut gallery

Are you living your life for some unseen audience? Do you feel trapped under the watchful eye of your mother, ex, or friend? Do you feel like you need their approval or admiration? Why? If you’re worried about constantly being scrutinized by the people close to you, then perhaps you need to re-examine the importance of that particular relationship. Toxicity has no place in your life.

Stop comparing yourself

Your friends are married, you’re still single. You’re freelancing and your peers are 9-to-5. With benefits. And RRSPs. You may feel as though everyone is living a grownup life, and you’re still waiting for yours to begin. Or are you?

Re-define what success and happiness mean to you. Those married friends are obligated to report their every action and expense to another person. You just spent 600 bucks on snowshoes and it’s no one’s business but yours.

Your friends have to jockey for vacation time based on seniority, while you just scored a trip to Italy on one of those last-minute getaway deals. They say the grass is always greener, but it’s about high time you realize that the better-looking lawn might actually belong to you.

Start today

The scariest part of change is actually putting it into action. And don’t let anyone belittle your dreams or dismiss your ideas. Always wanted to bellydance? Learn to ski? Skydive? If it’s a question of money, put away 25 dollars a week (more if you can afford it) until you’ve saved enough.

Need someone to babysit/walk the dog/water the plants while you’re out? Trade favours with a friend or neighbour. Cook dinner in exchange for taking little Fifi out for a poop. Or offer to help your cousin paint her apartment in return for looking after Junior for a few hours. It only takes a split-second to make a decision that could change your life for the better.

A wise person once said that the only way to start is to start. So what are you waiting for?


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