The Buzz on Echinacea Tinctures

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I notice a tingling sensation whenever I try an Echinacea tincture. Is this an allergic reaction?


Allergic reactions to the echinacea herb can certainly happen, especially if the user has a known allergy to the daisy family. The chances are even higher if the flower from the top of the herb is used.

According to Kings American Dispensatory, the bark/root is slightly sweet, and when chewed or taken as a tincture, produces a light or numb tingling sensation on the tongue. The Echinacea alkylamides are what cause this reaction. The tingling is normal, and is actually an indication that you’re taking a good quality, high potency echinacea root tincture. We recommend that you stay vigilant and compare with other symptoms to rule out an anaphylactic reaction.

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