Orion Mott

Empathic Therapist

Orion has been an alternative thinker for most of his life. After 26 years of martial art training, competing, and teaching, he transitioned into energy medicine healing work after the birth of his daughter.

When asked why he made the switch, he replied "That's because hurting people is easy, but healing them takes a lot more knowledge."

Part of Orion's formula for health is an active lifestyle. Weight training and functional conditioning is a great way to keep his clients moving. When it comes to injury rehabilitation, Orion is a certified Corrective Exercise Specialist.

All of this combined with BodyTalk and Reiki Therapy insures that every part of person is addressed.

Orion's goal is to become more well known for his therapeutic practices. After already making an impact in the fitness world in Toronto, he is turning his sights on the innate abilities of the body to heal itself with an infusion of focused intent.

You can find more info on Orion's websites:

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