Mike Levine

Investment Advisor

Underneath Michael Levine’s sharply dressed exterior is a man who is just as concerned with what he puts into his body as what he wears on it. An investment advisor by day and committed athlete practically every other minute he’s not at work, Michael successfully combines his two passions to create an active, healthy and balanced lifestyle. No doubt growing up in a family of four boys ignited his athletic drive, and he currently counts cycling, crossfit and yoga as his sports of choice. Michael relies on CanPrev vitamins and supplements to help make his body strong and ready for whatever he decides to challenge it with next.

His favourites

Synergy B™

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“Synergy B has significantly helped me maintain my hectic work and training schedules. I don’t drink caffeinated beverages, but I feel like the B vitamins in Synergy B sustain my energy throughout the day the same way a cup of coffee would. I also like to take Synergy B right before I go to the gym to help me get the most out of my workouts.”


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"I've incorporated ElectroMag as part of my daily supplements. I typically take it before bed and I've definitely noticed it's improved my sleep and allowed me to have deeper longer sleeps. It allows me to wind down with the Magnesium and helps with my daily Vitamin C intake. It also helps with muscle recovery after strenuous Crossfit workouts."