Joseph Cheung

Physical Rehabilitation Therapist

Two things happened in Joseph's life that made him realize a career change was in order. One, his father passing away after an eight year battle with cancer hit home how short life really is. Two, being treated by a physiotherapist for back pain lead him to realize that helping people was what would really bring him joy professionally and personally. His physiotherapist became his mentor and Joseph made the switch from a number-crunching accountant to a pain-relieving massage therapist.

To say that Joseph knows more about the importance of good supplementation now than he did before is an understatement. His connection to CanPrev is solid. Joseph wants to be associated with a company whose products he believes in and can recommend to patients with confidence.

His favourites

CanPrev Core for Men

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"CanPrev Core for Men supplements my life in a way that I know I'm getting the correct kinds and combinations of vitamins and minerals for my body. The yellow pea and brown rice proteins are clean proteins, the kinds I prefer."