Jill Bunny

Functional Nutritionist & Elite Trainer

Jill Bunny is a powerhouse in the gym - you might recognize her from world-renowned fitness magazines. She is a top fitness competitor who has always been fascinated by what the human body is capable of. When she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and thyroid cancer at age 30, her passion for health and fitness took a different turn. She retired from competing as a fitness model and set out to find a more preventative approach to physical, mental and emotional health. Her role as an elite trainer allows Jill to implement her, evergrowing knowledge of functional medicine and preventative health into her client's transformative protocols.

Her favourites


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“I enjoy using CanPrev ElectroMag to mix with water and to consume while training. It helps me stay hydrated and recover faster. Sometimes I use two pouches per day, depending on where I’m at in my training.”


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“The implementation of natural, quality supplements helped me turn a corner in finding better health. Working with my Naturopath on an individual basis, was what I needed to get the supplementation correct. With incorporation of CanPrev products, I can honestly say that I have not felt this much energy in at least a decade and despite my past diagnosis, I am still able to train. CanPrev Adrenal-Pro & Magnesium Bis-glycinate 200 mg Gentle formula played a huge part in my healing quest.”