Flavio Pagliero

ParaSports Athlete

Few people know what it's like to start over again like Flavio. Today he's a competitive hand cycler and mentor to people with spinal cord injuries, but in 2001 he was in a hospital bed wondering how he would continue playing all the sports he loved. Well, he definitely found a way. After Flavio learned how to manoeuvre his chair, he was back on the tennis and basketball courts, on the water rowing, and on the hill adaptive skiing. If he didn't pride himself on his strength and agility before, he certainly does now.

A guy like Flavio is picky about what he puts into his body. The products have to be pure, with no synthetic binders or fillers, and they have to work. This is what he's found in CanPrev. Whether he's strength training at the gym or racing around a cycling track, Flavio relies on CanPrev products take get his body to where his determination wants to go.

His favourites

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