Cathy Jurchuk

National Service Dog Trainer

Teaching 75 to 100 pound young dogs to discipline their playfulness takes a lot of strength and patience from a guide dog trainer like Cathy. Though she's greeted every day with wet noses and sloppy kisses, it's soon down to work. Cathy spends up to 75 hours a week in the field with the dogs and at her desk finding the ideal families to place them with. The fact that she has hypoglycemia and ulcerative colitis doesn't slow her down or stop her from hitting the gym five days a week either. Cathy's curious nature leads her to explore every avenue to help better manage her health. For her, CanPrev products prove what they claim and let her get on with the work and the life she loves.

Her favourites

CanPrev Core for Women

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"My work week can easily climb to 70 hours or more when I'm training with families that are receiving our service dogs. I don't always have time to have a sit-down meal but need to eat quickly and frequently because of my health issues. Having a ready-made CanPrev Core shake in the fridge allows me to grab a quick, nutritious snack."