Bill Branton

Athlete/Speed Mountaineer

Born and raised in heart of the automotive capital of Canada, Windsor, Ontario I naturally fell in love with high endurance Canadian activities like hockey and combat sports. In 2013 I was fortunate to move to Calgary where I was introduced to mountain climbing and it changed my life forever! Climbing has allowed me to see some cool places, embark on wild adventures and meet many great people along the way! My passion for climbing led me to take a special interest in finding optimal health. I want to continue adventuring for as long as I can - using CanPrev products makes this possible.

"For me everything needs to be balanced and running efficiently in order to reach my climbing goals. Natural health has helped me dial in on what I'm missing and fills in the nutrient gaps needed for me to perform well."

His favourites


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"Electro-Mag has become a key component to my training and everyday life! I take it before, during and after runs to help eliminate muscle cramps, electrolyte levels up and for overall improved recovery or before bed to get a solid sleep. ElectroMag is a game changer for any athlete or active individual!"


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"On long days in the mountains I really feel the effects of this formula throughout the demanding, latter, stages of climbing - when you are mentally exhausted and functioning on an empty tank. Mind-Pro™ has become a very essential formula for me as an endurance athlete."

Healthy Heart™

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"When training for any kind of long distance endurance activity, the most important muscle for me is my heart. Training at high altitudes in max pace could potentially cause damage, so for me taking Healthy Heart ensures my heart is supported with the proper antioxidants!"

CORE for Men

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"The name says it all, CORE plant-based protein offers you everything you need for the day - plus a little more! The perfect nutrient dense shake to fuel my core for an active day."